StubTabs v1.8.5

Earlier this week StubTabs went under an operational outage due to our web host’s server entering critical failure. While we were working with our host to get operation restored, they informed us that their database has been corrupted, and our back ups were also affected which slowed our recovery time.
The team was able to get StubTabs back to operation around 4 am on Friday.
I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to your operation this week. This was a first for us to have experienced such an external critical failure beyond our control in the last 6 years StubTabs has been in the industry.
I did notice that our mailing list is not up-to-date, and many users did not receive my email updates throughout the course. Please subscribe to our mailing as it is meant to inform users for situations such as this.

StubTabs Mailing List