StubTabs v1.4.3


ProxyTabs instructions for setting up


Proxy Per Tab Setup Instructions:

StubTabs directly integrated with GeoSurf proxies.

  1. Purchase a GeoSurf proxy package (link)
  2. Sign into your GeoSurf account (link)


There are 2 methods to use Proxy Per Tabs on StubTabs:

Method 1 Manage IP (Recommended):

  1.  The IP address of your network will need to be whitelisted.
  2.  Locate your IP address by Google “what is my ip” or
  3.  Login to Geosurf dashboard.
  4.  Under Account Settings enter the IP into the Geosurf Manage IP table.
  5.  StubTabs settings both Enable Geosurf ProxyTabs Support and Use Manage IP boxes need to be checked.

Method 2:

  1.  Locate your Account ID on the dashboard
  2.  Open StubTabs Settings page from the ST menu
  3.  Enter your Account ID and Password for GeoSurf into ProxyTabs.
  4.  Enable GeoSurf ProxyTabs Support
In the latest Firefox update we have noticed using method 2 proxy ip will at times stick to tabs which users will need to clear the cache of the browser.
The cache is located in the History options. Type “about:preferences#privacy” into the URL and clear everything from the History.