StubTabs for Firefox – v1.1.0 – ProxyTabs Release


  • ProxyTabs integration with StubTabs.


ProxyTabs is directly integrated with GeoSurf proxies.

To use ProxyTabs:

  1. Purchase a GeoSurf proxy package (link)
  2. Sign into your GeoSurf account (link)
  3. Locate your Account ID on the dashboard
  4. Open StubTabs Settings page from the ST menu
  5. Enter your Account ID and Password for GeoSurf into ProxyTabs
  6. Enable ProxyTabs

Disable StubTabs or ProxyTabs when you aren’t using it as GeoSurf charges by amount of traffic/bandwidth used.

At this time we are including ProxyTabs with StubTabs Firefox subscription. We may charge for ProxyTabs in the future.

You may need to clear your history and make sure the cache is checked and cleared.