StubTabs v3.1


  • Added the Device Error recovery method.
  • Auto-recovery will try 10 times before stopping.
  • Updated convert www1.

The StubTabs team believe we have discovered a solution that will recover your browsing sessions.

StubTabs has a difference in function between the www and www1 pages.

On the www, StubTabs will auto recover for you, and get you going again whereas the www1 StubTabs will perform an recovery for the page. (Note on the www1 allow a few seconds for StubTabs to perform recovery, or you may encounter the error).

Demonstrated below:
WWW: Demo 1
WWW1: Demo 2

During our investigation we determined that the error occurs regardless of having StubTabs or not. We traced this back to the website and found this was a server end issue, and users should contact the website’s support line to encourage them to fix the issue.