StubTabs v3.1.2


  • Patch to StubTabs on session getting cookie errors.


StubTabs is officially moving to Firefox Platform

From early in the year to now StubTabs on Chrome has encountered issues with Cookies. The team has explored ways to resolve this with numerous StubTabs patches to releasing our own StubTabs Browser; however as of late we found issues with Chrome and the limitations it has to deal with constant website changes.

Therefore, StubTabs has designed a new StubTabs addon under Firefox as an alternative to Chrome which does not have cookie, sessions, and proxies issues.  A new registration and payment system was developed in order to support this new platform.

Under the new platform, users will have access to our StubTabs Firefox Add-on and ProxyTabs with direct proxy integration to GeoSurf, our proxy provider partner.

Users will need to sign-up for a new account if they want access to this new platform. We will not be able to honor your current StubTabs price due to our privacy policy with the Google Chrome Web Store. We don’t have access to migrate users to the new system to due Google restrictions. We strongly believe with the product improvement it is worth the investment.

Users with a StubTabs account on the Google Chrome Web Store will remain active, and StubTabs Browser will work with the extension. However, our support update will decrease and end for your legacy StubTabs extension version.

We are giving users  the choice of when they choose to move onto the new platform. All StubTabs account will remain active until the user cancels. 

The team will be focusing on new development into StubTabs on Firefox.

StubTabs monthly price will continue to be $49.99/month to the end of the year.

StubTabs plans to go full speed on bringing out new features to StubTabs.