StubTabs 3.0 Partners with 1Ticket

StubTabs Enters Partnership With

StubTabs 3.0 will be providing 1Ticket users with enhanced purchase order processing to improve your end-to-end experience.*

StubTabs 3.0 comes with:

  • 1Ticket Software Integration
    How to request user 1Ticket API Key:

    1) Browse to click on “Settings” in the menu and then scroll down to “1Ticket APIs”
    2) Enter a description of the API token user (such as “StubTabs”)
    3) Click “Generate Token”
    4) Copy the token and paste it into StubTabs

    5) Click the ST Menu and Click on “Settings”
    6) Click Third Party
    7) Enter 1Ticket API Token

  • A newly designed UI. StubTabs functions are now located in the context menu (right click in the window to access)   
  • A new settings page has been designed to improve user experience
  • A new account management to directly access your payment account
  • Access to StubTabs Browser




* 1Ticket software integration only works if you enable 1Ticket and use their services. StubTabs will not notify or enable 1Ticket if 1Ticket option is not enabled by the user.