Status Report

We have rolled back the change that we believe to improve our sessions and cookies because it seems to have caused too much disruption to users browsing (hangouts, etc).
We will continue working on a solution, but for now StubTabs will remain as-is.


Recently our StubTabs extension has been experiencing cookie issues when doing multi-session on some sites. We are working to patch things up.

First, we have released a custom build of Chromium (if you haven’t downloaded it, it’s here). This should help when you have a large number of tabs open.

Second, we are working to develop a supportable StubTabs Browser that has improved session capabilities.

We are still investigating ways to patch the StubTabs extensions. The latest release of StubTabs (v2.3.7) will session every tab no matter which site it is on. When you aren’t using StubTabs and want to browse normally, clear cookies and logout of StubTabs, or use a different browser.

From our testing we found this patch has improved session handling; this may differ from what you see.

Please inform us. We may not be able to respond right away, but we do read each email. Your feedback helps us to solve issues faster.