Q: How do I manage my service account?

To manage your account it is under payments.google.com. You can update and modify your service and payment.

You are responsible for your own accounts on charges.

Q: StubTabs/ ProxyTabs isn’t working! 

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. chrome://extensions/ -> find StubTabs -> Uncheck the ‘enable’ -> re-check the ‘enable’ This will reload StubTabs
  2. Clear all Chrome history – > chrome://settings/ -> Clear browsing data -> Clear browsing data
  3.  Read the introduction guide to StubTabs / ProxyTabs

Welcome to StubTabs Intro!

Welcome to ProxyTabs Intro!

Q: I purchased StubTabs/ ProxyTabs on Chrome Web Store, why isn’t it adding?
Chrome store doesn’t handle multiple accounts very well. We recommend logging out of all your accounts, and log-in with just the account you ordered from. You can check which account is logged in from Chrome -> Settings (make sure the correct account is logged in). You should be able to log your other accounts back in afterwards.

Q: I purchased StubTabs/ ProxyTabs on Chrome Web Store, why doesn’t the timer or the multiple browser work?
StubTabs uses your google account to authenticate your order. Please make sure you are signed into the google account you purchased from. If the box on the StubTabs logo is red that means your account is not authenticated. Note: StubTabs charges by User Per Computer. If you are getting logged out constantly because you are logged in from multiple places or have multiple users you will need to purchase ‘Additional Users” from the StubTabs menu.

Q: How do I add multiple users to ProxyTabs? 

StubTabs does not support multiple users with one account at this time.

Q: How do I best use StubTabs?
StubTabs team know how StubTabs works and the basic usages, but we are not the daily users. We recommend the users experiment and learn what works best for them. You are welcome to share with us and areas for improvement.

Although we discourage the method, if you would like a member to assist with the set-up for your company we have a billable rate. We can address any questions, and also make sure your office has StubTabs running.