To add StubTabs for Firefox:

1) Login to your account on StubTabs
2) Click the license keys – your StubTabs key is stored here.
3) Click the Download StubTabs for Firefox link
4) Add StubTabs to Firefox
5) Enter your license key into StubTabs
Below is our welcome guide to StubTabs

Read our Welcome Guide

Read about our ProxyTabs

Read about our custom ProxyTabs where you bring your own Proxies

Q: Does StubTabs have a trial?

A: No, StubTabs offers no trial or promotions. Our service is month-to-month. Auto-recurring billing.

No commitment.

Q: I have multiple users and computers, how many licenses do we need?

A: StubTabs charges by the number of seat licenses. Each user will need license. Licenses are transferable between computers.

Q: I entered the license, but the StubTabs box is red.

A: Verify the license key is the same one in our StubTabs account. Your license key is held for 1 hour if you signed on any other computer or reinstall StubTabs without logging out . Sign out of that computer or wait 1 hour. Multiple computers require multiple licenses.

Q: Loading the website is slow, is this StubTabs?

A: StubTabs doesn’t affect your load speed; however loading 20-50 tabs all at once will take load time depending on your internet connection and computer memory processing power. StubTabs is a multi-session software, not internet services.

Q: How do I cancel my account?

A: StubTabs Firefox accounts are managed from your StubTabs account on Users must cancel their account before the next billing cycle in order to avoid getting billed for the following month. No refund will be given should the user forget to cancel.

It is the users responsibility to manage their own accounts.

All sales are final.

Fee schedule:

Merchant Dispute Processing Fee: $100 (when found in favor of merchant)

Any dispute charges found in StubTabs favor, we will bill the bank of the user $100 fee as a service charge.