This is a guide for users wanting to add more than 1 user with 1 account.

Warning: Do not use your own personal gmail account if you plan to share it with others. Make a new account. You may cancel your current subscription from the payment page to avoid being charged the following month.

Our multiple users with 1 sign-on account is added from the cropped-icon-e1464271046724.png add-on in Chrome. Click “Additional users” from the drop down

menuMulit user settings7


Each purchase will increase your current license by the number purchased. Example, if the user purchases “Add 2 Users” the account will have allow a total of 3 users. NOTE: The only way to decrease the number of users is to cancel the “Add User” subscription. This is located in your payment page.

Additional Users Login:

Users need to be logged in with the StubTabs account in Chrome.

Mulit user settings8

Users will need to click “Disconnect your Google Account” if it is not the correct one

Mulit user settings

Now the user should have StubTabs added to Chrome.


Below is optional and advanced 


Hints and Advantages:

With multiple users sharing one account there some helpful advantages. For instance all accounts and passwords saved on the account are shared across users. Making logging into your accounts quickly and easily for members.

All extensions are sync’d across accounts so every user will have the same setup and tools. This will be useful when bringing in new users to your team. All the tools will be loaded right from login.

Below is to show you can have multiple profiles ones with StubTabs and ones without:

Multiple profiles can be created. Users can create shortcuts to add on the Desktop so it can launch the StubTabs user. Click the “Add person”


Check “Create a desktop shortcut for this user” and “Add”

Mulit user settings5


You can also switch your user from the Chrome Browser

Mulit user settings2

Select the user you want to use

Mulit user settings3

You can even run multiple different users at the same time (each different user will need a StubTabs license)

Mulit user settings4