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Multi-Session Chrome Extension

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Most powerful multi-session extension

We built StubTabs to be an easy-to-use Chrome extension with multi-session browsing powers

Product Highlights

1: StubTabs Tools
2: Keyboard Shortcuts
Map StubTabs to the keyboard for less switch between keyboard and mouse
3: Chrome extensions
Leverage other Chrome extensions to improve your experiences


Standard User

Price increase $49.99 after August
  • Auto renewal each month
  • No contracts
  • Single Sign-on
  • Prices locked-in
  • Log-in from anywhere with Chrome

Additional Users

Multiple StubTabs User
  • Includes all features of the standard user
  • Use 1 account for multiple users
  • Purchase within StubTabs Extension

Premium Support

Technology Support
  • Our Premium Support tier is to assist with initial setup and answering any questions to get started. Also includes troubleshooting issues outside of StubTabs.
  • Note: We discourage users from using this, the cost is compensation for our time.